Google Glass Gets Its First Keyboard, Minuum

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Using Glass to send texts may now be less irritating to everyone within earshot of those awful “Ok Glass” spoken commands…

Whirlscape already makes keyboard apps for Android phones and other devices, with a novel one-line design that uses small key symbols that take up less screen real estate than traditional touchscreen versions, but the company has now leaped excitedly in a new direction: It’s released Minuum for Glass, which it’s called the “first keyboard for Google Glass.” Check it out in the video above.

The company says, via email, that it doesn’t believe voice commands should be the only way to communicate with wearable devices. It’s been busy working with Glass for “a few months” and has been experimenting with different data-entry techniques that let you “type” without having to use Glass’ voice recognition feature. In the video you can see two of the ways to enter text, either by swiping across the Glass touchpad (still awkward for left-handers…come on Google!) or by gently moving your head. Though this latter option looks more awkward, the company says it’s actually the one they prefer because of the slightly virtual-reality effect of looking at the letters you want to type.

We’ve not tried it for ourselves, but we have to say that it sounds like a darn smart idea that may reduce some of the Glasshole effect of Google’s unusual device.

And perhaps more interesting than the current release of the Minuum app is the proof of concept designs that are demonstrated at the end of the clip, showing different ways you may use Glass (or Glass-like hardware) to type in the future. The keyboard overlaid on your arm is a particularly neat idea.

Minuum is available on Google Play.